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The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative

The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative is a research-based critical practice, informed by the application of intense design methodologies to diverse conceptual and physical contexts. The work in the studio is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach to design, seeking value that can only be achieved through the synthesis of art, architecture, and urban design.

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Prior to our collaboration, was built on outdated technology and layout design, and did not reflect their award winning firm or latest work. Utilizing the latest in responsive web design and development practices, we focused on an image-heavy display for their works, broken down by their industry-served categories. Allowing the client to update the website on their own after launch has allowed their website to remain relevant and up to date. Built to represent their work online or in a business meeting with only a smartphone or tablet handy, the new website doubles as a presentation tool for users and prospective clients alike.

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